Exclusively for CRNA School Candidates:
An Excellent Personal Statement Can Open the Door to a CRNA School Interview While a Poor Personal Statement Will Lead to a Rejection Letter 
Success is the result of accurately measuring priorities and putting your time and effort into the highest yield activities. Don't let your years of preparation be wasted by failing to deliver excellence on this last step of your application.
Personal Statement Workshop
  • An excellent Personal Statement can get you an interview... even if you have a low GPA or less-than-ideal clinical experience.
  • ​Learn the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of the personal statement.
  • ​Learn how to structure your personal statement.
  • Get personal feedback on the statement you've written so you know what you can do to make it stand out.
  • ​No matter what round of editing you're in, you will come away with a clearer understanding of what you need to do to make your statement shine. 

Rather than reading through pages of advice meant for someone else, get feedback tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Personal Statement Workshop
  • Your Personal Statement Workshop will last 60-120 minutes
  • There will be 1-5 participants. Each participant will get my undivided attention. 
  • We will map out a plan for you and talk about specific action steps you need to take to get to your goal. 
  • You will have clarity by the end of the call regarding your next steps. 
  • Our #1 Best Value Product because it is personalized to your needs
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Here is what people are saying...

If I get in somewhere I feel that a good deal of that success will have been in thanks to your help in guiding me to the mark. Thank you again!
- Jeff Richardson
I just wanted to say thank you again for your amazing resources and dedication to helping aspiring CRNAs!
- Amanda
I had a terrible GPA from a previous bachelor's degree. Because of this I had to take numerous classes I never dreamt I could get through (specifically O-Chem) to boost my GPA and resume, and from all my hard work in conjunction with your spreadsheet I was interviewed at two of the three schools I applied to this past year and accepted into one of them!
- Brock Clough
I was accepted to the [school name masked] School of Nurse Anesthesia, and I will be starting in May 2018! I owe a lot to you and your book/website. I did as many things as possible you recommended, and I learned a lot by watching the TED talks you suggested about improving interview skills. 
- Michael Pace
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