Finally! Discover how Interview Secrets gives you the exact steps to Get Accepted Into A Program The First Time Around... without Getting Rejected And Having To Reapply Next Year!
YOU WILL DISCOVER The Little Brain Tricks That Will Save You From The Pitfalls of a CRNA School Interview.
Most importantly, you will learn how to make a winning impression and STAND OUT from the rest of the applicants!
Here is what you'll get...
  • Exclusive 56 minute Audio Recording with Interview Expert Lesa Evans: Learn what to say and what NOT to say in your interview
  • 19 page digital workbook: This is your complete planning guide - everything from your outfit to how you will answer specific questions
  • 100+ Sample Interview Questions - Complete with tips on what to wear and tips on how to stay calm and confident during your interview
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"I recently listened to your recording about the secret of CRNA interview success and I loved it!" - NurseNelle
Your digital downloads will all be delivered instantly to your inbox after checkout.
Sneak Peak Inside...
  • The hidden psychology of an interviewer and how to use it to your advantage 
  • How to handle the circle of concern and overcome the hidden fear of the unknown  
  • How to avoid becoming “Me Monster”- a pitfall which can destroy your interview in seconds
  • How to calm down your brain when you get nervous
  • How to answer questions well WITHOUT knowing what we will be asked
  • What you can do to harness the power of NEUTRAL language
  • How to craft your STORY so that it immediately builds trust
  • The secret technique to answer tricky questions
  • What to wear during an interview and what NOT to wear  
  • The story of a perfectly qualified applicant who did well in the interview but got REJECTED and the lessons you can learn
  • The art of meeting new people and making the first winning impression  
  • Using the power of gratitude to make a POSITIVE impact on the interviewer 
  • Deceptively simple and practical TRICK to silence your inner critique  
  • Avoid the danger zone: things you should NEVER say about yourself during the interview
  • The little-known trick to protect the interviewer from their own BIAS
  • What’s the most effective way to answer the question - “Why pick you over other applicants?”
  • How to answer the question “What will you do if you don’t get into the program?”
  • EXACTLY WHAT to say when the interviewer asks - “Why did you choose our program over other programs?”
  • The art of asking questions that open people up rather than close them down (Ever heard this? - Judge a man by the questions he asks and not by the answers he give)
  • How to come up with a powerful WHY so that the interviewer believes that you are someone who will finish the program?
  • How to overcome the questions about not finishing another program?
  • Three type of questions you MUST ask that will impress the interviewer?
Your digital downloads will all be delivered instantly to your inbox after checkout.
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