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My name is Charnelle Lewis and I am a current Student Nurse Anesthetist at the University at Buffalo. I've been an e-mail subscriber of your page for awhile and have ordered your Insider's Guide in the past. I developed a YouTube and Instagram page to help students get into CRNA school and I'm currently doing research on social media and its impact on self-efficacy of student nurse anesthetists. In my focus groups your website and spreadsheet always come up as something the students have utilized. I currently mentor students as well and I always refer them to your website when students are looking for a comprehensive review of schools.
"When I bought the CRNA School Finder, I found everything I needed to know about CRNA schools. I would recommend this to anyone pursuing CRNA school. Thanks to the spreadsheet, I'm now an SRNA!
-Tyler Murphy, SRNA

I'm Now a CRNA

"The spreadsheet allowed me to find the schools I wanted. I ordered them by price, and various other characteristics to narrow down my search. It helped me to see if there were unusual prerequisites like graduate statistics. I would definitely recommend this as a great tool for searching programs."

-John B, CRNA (John loves his motorcycle so much that he uses it as his FB profile pic ;-)
Our team invests 160 hours per month making sure your resource is up-to-date. We'll send an updated copy to your inbox every month. 
Whether you're ten years from applying ... or one application from acceptance, you'll make BETTER DECISIONS with this information at your fingertips.
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  • LIFETIME ACCESS: We are still servicing customers from 2012!
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  • CRNA School Finder: Find your school in minutes. 
  • Free Software Updates: We're constantly adding new features.
  • Avoid re-taking chemistry and the GRE
  • Save 40+ hours of research
  • Make a better decision: data provides valuable insight
  • Know your odds of acceptance
  • Quickly see which cities you'd want to live in while in school
  • Find out which schools have transitioned to the DNP
  • Stop throwing money and time at schools that are unlikely to accept you
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